In our current heat transfer processing, the most important consumables is the heat transfer paper. In fact, the heat transfer paper plays an intermediate carrier role in the heat transfer process.

Generally, there are three methods to determine the printing surface of the heat transfer paper:

  1. Visual discrimination: two sides of the heat transfer paper can be separated from the eyes, one side is relatively bright, the other side is relatively dark. The darker side is our front, which is the print side.
  2. Tactile discrimination: we use our hands to touch two sides of the heat transfer paper. The rough side is the printing side
  3. Air exposure method: it’s not recommended to use this method. Novice friends can cultivate the experience of discrimination in the early stage. Because the surface of heat transfer paper has heat transfer coating, when exposed to the air, bending will occur. The bending side is the printing side we want to determine (the bending direction, inward is the printing side).

In fact, only when we understand these two points mentioned above can we use heat transfer paper well and correctly. But sometimes we will encounter some other problems. It is up to us to adapt to the situation.

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