Special craft embroidery logo, do you understand!

Embroidery logo is a common trademark or pattern logo on clothes now. Because it looks good in three-dimensional, simple and charming, it is liked by many manufacturers. Next, let’s go to understand the embroidery logo.

Embroidery mark is defined as: the decorative fabric that uses a needle to puncture silk or other fibers and yarns on the embroidered material with a certain pattern and color to form patterns with embroidered marks. But now they are all replaced by machines.

Towel embroidery: it is made of single thread or multiple embroidery threads, which are hooked (raised) to the fabric from the bottom with crochet, and arranged in the form of “n”. It is dense like the towel we use, with a soft “n” shape on it. Some are also called “jacquard embroidery”. The letter, petal and other patterns embroidered by towel embroidery have a strong three-dimensional sense, which is a priority for many clothes and hats.

Toothbrush embroidery: in the ordinary embroidery process, a certain height of auxiliary material (such as EVA) is added to the fabric. After the embroidery is completed, the embroidery thread on the EVA is repaired and leveled with tools, and the auxiliary material is removed, forming the embroidery with the same shape of toothbrush, commonly known as toothbrush embroidery.

Bead piece embroidery: it is a string of bead pieces of the same size and shape as specified, and then embroidered on the flat embroidery machine which has already added bead piece embroidery device. The bead piece embroidery device can be installed on the first or the second needle of the head of the specified machine, and then the novel bead piece embroidery can be carried out.

Knife rust: it is a kind of DIY embroidery that uses special wool for three-dimensional embroidery to express or reflect the three-dimensional effect of objects according to the design steps and the design requirements of three-dimensional embroidery drawings. Three dimensional embroidery originated from cross stitch.

If you want to make customers have a better psychological feeling, even if it’s a mark on the decorations, the customized shop should also use some thoughts to arrange its location, texture and so on. Perhaps in the view of customers, this is also a place that can reflect the value of the customized shop.

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