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A professional manufacturer of printed matter, trademark, pattern and heat transfer and hot stamping integrating design, development, production and marketing, with more than ten years of product production experience, has always been keen on the research and development of heat transfer product technology, aiming at improving and improving the quality of transfer products, and striving to be a clothing, new type cycling wear reflective trademark, gift, handbag, toy and other enterprises Industry to provide high-grade, high-quality special transfer products.

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Through years of unremitting efforts, the company has a complete range of products, which can meet the requirements of European and American environmental protection test and water washing test, and has passed ISO900 quality certification and Wal Mart inspection factory. It is highly praised and recognized by peers and customer groups. At present, most of the company’s products are exported to European and American markets. The purpose of the company is only to pursue the most beautiful in the process!

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