What are the three-dimensional effects of bronzing?

Which bronzes have three-dimensional effect

Stereoscopic hot stamping includes: thick plate hot stamping, silica gel hot stamping, foaming hot stamping, flocking hot stamping / lettering film, multi-color gradual flocking hot stamping, 3D multi-color gradual flocking seal, etc.

Thick board hot stamping: it has a very neat three-dimensional effect, so it is also called 3D printing. It can be printed with thick board glue or right angle fillet thermosetting ink to achieve the desired effect. Thick board pulp is derived from the base of glue. It is manually printed several layers of glue repeatedly. It can achieve a very neat three-dimensional effect, with a certain thickness. Generally speaking, the process requirements are relatively high, so the printing of small printing factories is not good. Some even have no equipment, let alone good printing. Generally, it is suitable for the comparison of sports and leisure type. In terms of patterns, numbers, letters, geometric patterns, lines, etc. are generally used. Lines cannot be printed too thin.

Silica gel hot stamping: it is also printed by hand layer by layer. It has the same thickness and three-dimensional effect as the thick plate, but it also has the advantages that other hot stamping does not have: no cracking, environmental protection and non-toxic, high elasticity, anti-skid, waterproof and washable, anti pollution and wear-resistant, high temperature and extreme low temperature resistance, high weather resistance and not easy to aging, and can keep the pattern color bright for a long time without fading, etc.

Foaming and hot stamping: it has a strong sense of three-dimensional. The material is American environmental friendly thermosetting ink, which is the best choice for export products and high-end products. It is a Class-A product certified by environmental protection and suitable for children’s wear. The pattern surface has obvious concave convex three-dimensional effect, very three-dimensional sense. The environmental protection standard meets the international children’s fabric requirements, and the fastness is good. Foaming hot stamping is widely used in children’s wear, women’s wear, sportswear and other clothing.

Flocking hot stamping, flocking lettering film: high quality fluffy paper is used, the pattern surface has a strong three-dimensional feeling of fluffy, soft feel, and the height of fluffy varies from 0.6-1.2mm, which conforms to international environmental protection standards, and is widely used in match clothing, children’s clothing, knitting and other fabrics.

Multi color gradual flocking and hot stamping: the three-dimensional printing effect is very exquisite, with a good feel. It feels like a layer of plush, but also has a gradual effect. Qingyi hot stamping company is made of high-quality nylon wool, beautiful and three-dimensional.

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