What is metal heat transfer film

The heat transfer film has its unique properties. In order to get the ideal hot stamping effect, we must strictly control the best temperature, pressure and speed. It has three strict process parameter indexes:

1. Determination of temperature: when the temperature is too low, it will appear that the hot stamping is not on or not firm, and it will also make the imprint bloom; when the temperature is too high, it will make the surface of the color layer oxidized, make the product lose luster, the color darken, and the serious will bubble. To determine the best hot stamping temperature should consider the following factors: Dongguan metal heat transfer film pressure, speed, area, room temperature and so on. The general range of hot stamping temperature is 140 ℃ – 180 ℃, once the best temperature is determined, it should be kept constant, and the temperature difference should fluctuate at ± 2 ℃.

2. Determination of pressure: stamping pressure is generally 4-6 kg / cm2. When the pressure is too small, it can not make the hot stamping film adhere to the substrate, reducing the fastness; if the pressure is too large, it will cause the substrate compression deformation to increase, resulting in the pattern deformation and the printing layer thinning. When stamping complex and uneven products, pay more attention to the uniformity of each pressure point, and require higher pressure angle between the bronzing wheel and substrate, otherwise, it is easy to appear that some parts are firm and some parts are not firm.


Metal heat transfer film is a kind of medium material in heat transfer process. The process of heat transfer printing is to transfer the decorative patterns on the surface of the decorative materials onto the surface of the decorative building materials by heating the heat transfer film once. In the process of heat transfer printing, the protective layer and pattern layer are separated from the polyester substrate by the combined action of heat and pressure, and the whole decorative layer is permanently glued to the substrate by the hot melt adhesive.


The metal heat transfer film is made of polyethylene film and printed with wood decorative layer. The surface is coated with a protective layer, a base color layer, a film removing layer and a hot-melt adhesive layer. By heating the high temperature silicon roller, applying the temperature and pressure on the transfer foil, the transfer layer composed of the decorative wood grain printing layer, the surface protection layer and the base color layer is separated from the polyethylene, and transferred to the surface of the wood-based panel or the furniture parts, thus forming the decorative surface pattern, and making the surface have the excellent performance of wear-resistant, heat-resistant, light resistant, etc., the pattern is novel and beautiful, and the color is stable, which is a kind of Decorative materials with wide application.





3. Speed determination: according to the hot stamping area to determine, Dongguan metal heat transfer film at the same time to consider the heating temperature power. Generally, the speed is first, then the pressure is determined, and finally the temperature is determined.

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