Heat Transfer Maintenance

A lot of friends will come to me just after the hot transfer. For example, can I wash the T-shirt just after the hot transfer? Just after printing the pattern, does it look like it’s a little hard? Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Today, I will answer one by one.

First of all, the T-shirt just after hot stamping does feel a little hard, no matter how it feels or how it looks, but it will become much softer after washing. But one thing we need to pay attention to is to make sure not to rub the T-shirt by hand, especially the pattern on the T-shirt. The surface material of the pattern will not have dirt normally. Some guys also like to wash with bleach detergent. It’s not recommended. It’s easy to corrode clothes and painting materials. When washing with washing machine, it’s better to turn the patterned side to the opposite side and wash again. Do not use the washing machine to dry the inside! When washing, do not wash the parts in the air too hard to avoid deformation of the neckline.

In addition to washing, it’s better not to use too much force to support the neckline to deformation when drying. It’s better to directly extend the hanger from the loose part of the hem to prevent the neckline from loosening after losing its elasticity. Normal is to dry naturally, do not expose in the sun.

After the clothes are dry, if you want to iron them, it is suggested to iron them with warm steam, so as not to damage the tissue structure of elastic fiber! Do not iron directly on the pattern.

After ironing, do not directly plug the clothes into the narrow space. It should be spread or hung flat to maintain the smooth appearance of the clothes.

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